Get a membership now and start saving!

Customers can get a social club membership which rewards you and helps you save. If you are a frequent guest of the Borough Club, this is the perfect option for you. You’ll find our memberships are cheap and flexible, as we offer 1-year and 3-year terms.

Membership at the Borough Club
Customers can use their membership in great ways!
  • Members can redeem points for purchases which can be spent on meals and drinks
  • You’ll get 10% off all meal and drink purchases
  • Access our weekly member’s night draws every Thursday night
  • Stay in the loop with regular email and SMS updates
  • Members will also get access to exclusive promotions, deals and giveaways we run throughout the year
You can win big on Member’s nights!

In addition to the great benefits listed above, we also hold a weekly Member’s night. Every Thursday between 5pm – 7pm we have happy hour specials, and we also run a number of games with big cash prizes.

After our games from 7pm – 7:30pm we hold a raffle with cash prizes and food packs to be won, and draw out one lucky member to win our Jackpot cash draw. Members must be there when their names are drawn.

Every Thursday we guarantee a $500 giveaway.

You can become a member today

Our memberships cost $5 for a 1-year term, or $10 for a 3-year term. The membership is also able to be used at Bendigo Stadium. You can learn by downloading our sign up form or you sign up either by visiting us or filling in our online form.